What is Transpersonal Art Therapy ?river_of_life_005

Transpersonal Art Therapy draws on your right brain hemisphere to integrate creative processes with models of counselling and psychotherapy.

Dictionary Definition – Transpersonal –

tranzˈpəːs(ə)n(ə)l,trɑːnz -, -ns-


  1. denoting or relating to states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.

The term ‘Trans-Personal’ means to go beyond your ‘Persona’ or ‘Mask’ you may wear and gets to the core of the issue you may be facing. Therefore Transpersonal Art Therapy works with the spiritual aspect of your creativity to empower you to solve issues and find meaning at a very deep level.

By converting your inner experience into something creative and tangible you can view from all angles, you gain a different perspective and new awareness of patterns in your life or business and draw on your empowered inner resources to make real and lasting changes to reach your goals!.

What sets apart Kez’s Transpersonal Art Therapy is her intuitive approach and ability to create not just a safe but sacred space for her to walk side by side with you on your journey to meaning, wellness and empowerment.  Click here for feedback from clients

Is an Art Therapist a Real Therapist?.

ACA_RPD_fullsizeYes ! Kerryn Knight and her fellow qualified Art Therapists are trained in psychotherapy processes and specialise in the use of art making and the creative process within the therapeutic relationship. Therefore Art Therapists go through similar training to other types of traditional “talk therapists” but have the additional training in using the healing arts within the Therapeutic process.

Kerryn Knight is a Transpersonal Art Therapist and practising level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) with over 8 years experience in the Industry and is committed to her ongoing Personal & Professional Development.  In 2017 Kerryn will graduate as a Master Practitioner of Sand Play Therapy.

I’m not artistic – is Art Therapy suitable for me?

No Stress ! It’s NOT about creating a Masterpiece, its about Your creative expression so NO previous art experience is necessary but  I GUARANTEE you WILL discover your unique creativity once you have spent some time with Kez.   Art Therapy is two-fold acting as a release but also as a tool for self-discovery.  Kez guides you through processes that stimulate your right brain hemisphere empowering you to unlock your potential, look at issues from a different perspective and find solutions or simply just find peace within – you are in control of each session.

I love this cartoon describing Art Therapy – the phrase comes to mind “better out than in”.  Art Therapy helps you find Your creativity which in turn helps you learn more about yourself and Empower Yourself for positive change.

What Group Art Therapy Programs are available for my Team?

corp_team_buildingComing from a Corporate background, Kez Knight understands the needs of Organisations and your staff.  With Empowered Art Team Building Programs, Debriefing & Self Care programs are designed specifically for your Workplace, Kez facilitates programs to bring out the best with your Group at your nominated site or visit the amazing Kindred Art Space for a day out of the office in a unique & creative environment.

Kez Knight has successfully run Empowered Art Team Building for Executives, Engineers, Allied Health Professionals, Teachers, Youth Workers, Council Workers and more.
With a unique set of creative processes that stimulate the right brain hemisphere, Kez works with you and your staff demonstrating techniques and take-away tools for Strategic Planning, Intuitive Leadership and Creative problem solving.
Click here for feedback from other professionals who have attended Empowered Art Team Building workshops with Kez.

What is Community Art ?

Koori Mail Article ART TRANSFORMS LIVES 18 June 2014Community Art Projects facilitated by Kerryn ‘Kez’ Knight involves your Community, Organisation or Group bringing members together to work on something as a team and create meaningful art with an Empowering Message.

Want your Mission, Vision and Values Statement to stand out ?       Get Kez to facilitate a Community Art Project with your Organisation and have your team creatively represent your Mission, Vision and Values beyond words.

Kez works closely with a Professional Builder to Project Manage all aspects of your Community Art Project from conception to completion.     See my Community Art Projects page for more details

What should I expect from a typical session?

One on One Sessions:  A typical individual session with Kez Knight involves guided imagery followed by exploration of your art work and inner resources to empower you for positive change, acceptance and meaning making.

Will the Art Therapist know my deepest secrets just by looking at my art work?.

As part of Kerryn’s training, Art Therapists do have a basis in interpreting art on varying levels. But this understanding helps Kerryn to ask key questions of you, empowering you to find meaning rather than just relying on her giving you advice. The meaning, personal associations and feelings of the artwork is always held by you. Kerryn works alongside you in a safe and nurturing space helping you unlock your power to find your answers. Just as each art piece is one of a kind, the attached meanings to them are highly individual, very powerful and hold the potential to create deep and long lasting change for the better.

Should only people struggling with big issues seek Art Therapy?.

Art therapy can certainly be beneficial for people struggling with severe physical or mental illness, addictions, trauma, or life changes, but anyone at any age can benefit from Art Therapy. For instance, you may seek Art Therapy as a way to enrich your life experience and broaden your horizons. You could also use Art Therapy as a way to gain greater self-awareness. In addition the healing Arts is a wonderful method of reducing stress in a your life. Art therapy groups can provide members with a creative outlet as well as a community atmosphere where they can strengthen interpersonal skills.

What is Dream work?

Experiencing recurring dreams?  Tired upon waking and recalling dreams? Confused by strange dreams?

Our dreams are messages and signals from our subconscious mind in a language that can be de-coded and made sense of.  Kez can work with you to make sense of the empowering messages your unique dreams hold for you.  Contact Kez to find out more details

What is Mask work?

Looking at the different roles you play in your life, and how they interact, can help you gain a new perspective and find your true essence.  To find out more contact Kez today.

What is Symbolic work?

Looking at your personal symbols and the power they hold in your life can help you unlock your true potential.  For more details about this empowering work, contact Kez today.

What is Shadow work?

We all have a shadow self and to make peace in our life, the integration of these dark, as well as “golden” shadows help create a life balance.  Contact Kez today to book your session.

What is the Hero’s (life) journey?

We all go through ‘Ups” and “Down’s” in our life. By mapping the patterns of these Ups and Downs that may be repeating in your life, you can be assisted to make changes in your life for the better.  Contact Kez today to book a session to map your journey.

What is involved in a Workplace Debriefing Session?

The Empowered Art Debriefing Program is part of an Employee Assistance Program that provides a Service delivery Model which is person centred in its approach to allow your staff to creatively and successfully debrief when they can’t find the words.  Call 0450 253 990 to find out more

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