Sandplay Therapy with Kerryn Knight

Sandplay is a wholistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy and goes hand-in-hand with Art Therapy.
By using miniature objects that symbolically represent all aspects of life, you can display your inner world so it can be looked at from all aspects to gain a deeper understanding of issues and find solutions. It is a deep process which reveals what underlies the current situation.
Sandplay is for all ages. Children love it and adults are […]

NEAMI Art Therapy Project – Tree of Me Process

neami-1The Art Therapy Project with young people connected to the NEAMI National Service have completed their first process of the 4 week project.  These beautiful trees where created following a guided meditation taking them on a journey to discover their inner strengths and possibilities.  This therapeutic process uses symbolism of a tree to look at and make meaning of where they have journeyed from, the face they share with the world […]

Lion HeART Whitelion Art Therapy Project

20161214_141501Building self esteem and confidence.  Expressing through Artwork with others
This successful 4 week program facilitated by Transpersonal Art Therapist Kerryn Knight at Kindred Art Space involved many creative processes that the young participants got involved in and gained Confidence in themselves, showed them how to tap into their Resilience and provided them an opportunity to get to know each other in a non-judgemental relaxed environment.
Processes included Symbol Beads, Tree of Me, […]