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NDIS Services

As specialist Art Therapists, we support NDIS participants with psychosocial support in a safe environment using creative expressive processes and movement so we can explore your recovery together.

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“Kerryn is amazing!

She is very calming, particularly during a mindfulness meditation. Kerryn asks lots of helpful facilitatory questions and has different ideas each week. I absolutely love coming to see her. The time with Kerryn helps me enormously. A creative calming outlet where you can get in touch with your greater self.

Thank you Kerryn, for your care and the beautiful space you have created.”

NDIS Participant

Private Health Care Rebates

We accept the following private health care providers. Conditions apply.


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Professional Developement

Are you a Counsellor, Teacher, Youth Worker, or Social Worker wanting to add some creative tools to your tool kit and learn professional self-care strategies? Kerryn Knight can run bespoke professional development workshops for you and your team.

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“Kerryn, thank you so much for facilitating a wonderful workshop!

Your warmth, care, knowledge and attention to detail made the sand tray process a smooth, healing, insightful and safe journey. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future!”

Laura – Transpersonal Art Therapist Student

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I benefit from Empowered Art Therapy?

    Kerryn Knight uses components of the Transpersonal Art Therapy paradigm, drawing on creative processes blended with counselling, psychotherapy, and psycho-spiritual models to empower you for positive change.

    The term ‘Trans-Personal’ means to go beyond your ‘Persona’ or ‘Mask’ you may wear and gets to the core of the issue you may be facing. Therefore Transpersonal Art Therapy works with deeper parts of your psyche to empower you to solve issues and find meaning at a very deep and lasting level.

  • I’m not artistic, is Art Therapy suitable for me?

    The good news is Art Therapy is not about creating an art outcome and not always about creating ‘a pretty picture’, rather it is about the process of creative expression.

    Art Therapy is a two-fold process. Firstly it provides you with an outlet for the safe expression of emotion while putting your analytical left brain hemisphere on hold for a while. With your mind at rest, you can pause and connect with the wisdom your body felt sense holds inviting your soul to speak. Secondly, your artwork makes the intangible inner landscape into an external tangible form that can be viewed from all angles where personal symbols can be contemplated and insight gained.

    Kerryn’s role is to companion you as you connect with your body and express yourself through creative processes. Asking questions throughout the process, Kerryn assists you to make insightful noticing to integrate your experience.

  • What should I expect from a typical Art Therapy session?

    A typical individual session with Kerryn Knight at her studio at Kindred Art Space may start with a brief chat to check in with what you may be facing in the moment.

    Then together with Kerryn you may explore what might arise through the safe, soft side approach of a creative therapeutic process. Kerryn facilitates many different creative therapeutic processes that can be as simple as exploring a gesture, pausing through mindfulness to guiding you through creative imagery, inviting the use of symbols and sandplay therapy, metaphor and ceremony.

    The exploration of your artwork using creative inquiry can harness your inner resources to empower you for positive change, acceptance or simply just meaning making.

  • Why come to Empowered Art Therapy?

    As part of Kerryn’s training, in three formal qualifications in the field, she does have a basis for interpreting art on varying levels.

    Yet this understanding helps Kerryn to ask key questions of you, empowering you to find meaning rather than just relying on her giving you advice. The meaning, personal associations, and feelings of the artwork are always held by you. Kerryn walks alongside you in a safe and nurturing space, on your journey of further self-discovery, helping you unlock your power to find your answers. Just as each art piece is one of a kind, the attached meanings to them are highly individual, very powerful, and hold the potential to create deep and long-lasting change for the better.

    By converting your inner experience into something creative and tangible you can view from all angles, you gain a different perspective and new awareness of patterns in your life.  You can then draw on your empowered inner resources to make real and lasting changes to reach your goals!

    What sets apart Kerryn Knight’s professional services is her intuitive approach. She respectfully integrates ritual and ceremony, influenced by Indigenous culture, to harness the powerful benefits of rite-of-passage for all ages. This helps people to embrace and embody life transitions. Kerryn creates not just a safe but sacred nurturing space for her to walk side by side with you on your journey towards meaning, wellness, and empowerment.

  • Is an Art Therapist a Real Therapist?

    Yes! Kerryn Knight and her fellow Masters qualified Art Therapists are trained in psychotherapy, counselling and trauma-informed processes.  Additionally they specialise in the use of art-making and the creative process within the therapeutic relationship. Therefore Art Therapists go through rigorous training and ongoing registration requirements like other types of traditional “talk therapists” but have additional ongoing training in using the healing arts within the Therapeutic process.

    Kerryn Knight is a Masters’s qualified Arts Therapist, Sandplay Therapy Master Practitioner, Clinical Registered Professional Member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), Clinical Registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor with many years of experience in the industry and is committed to her ongoing Personal & Professional Development.

  • Should only people struggling with big issues seek Art Therapy?

    Art therapy can undoubtedly be beneficial for people struggling with severe physical or mental illness, addictions, trauma, or life changes, but anyone at any age can benefit from Art Therapy.

    For instance, you may seek Art Therapy as a way to enrich your life experience and broaden your horizons. At the ‘Cross-Road’?  As you access deeper wisdom within, Art Therapy can assist you to make important decisions. You could also use Art Therapy as a way to gain greater self-awareness. In addition, the healing arts are a wonderful method of reducing stress in your life.

    Kerryn provides individual sessions within a therapeutic plan tailored for you.

Book Your Free 'Meet and Greet' with Kerryn Today

At this free, 15-minute ‘Meet and Greet’ you have a chance to make sure you feel comfortable with me, see some of the processes I may use in a typical session, and take a tour of my specialist centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space in Frankston, on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula.


Latest Updates

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    Join us for the Sand, Symbols & Transpersonal Psychotherapy – In-Person Practical Training at Kindred Art Space – the Home of Empowered Art Therapy and Opengate Registered Training Organisation for Sandtray Therapy in Melbourne About this intensive and experiential in-person professional development course: This 5 day intensive professional development begins with 2 days of personalRead More
  • Christmas closure dates and 2024 Professional Development calendar
      Christmas closure dates help lines and 2024 Professional Development calendar now available At Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space, We wish you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. While our service will be closed over this period we remind you of the many help lines available should you need to accessRead More
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