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Kerryn Knight, Art Therapist, and founder provides you with specialist creative expressive therapeutic intervention from her Centre for Mental Health – Kindred Art Space and home of Empowered Art Therapy in Frankston on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula.  As a Registered Counsellor, Art Therapist, Sandplay Therapist, Supervisor, and  International facilitator, Kerryn provides one-to-one services for individuals and professional development for groups and organisations.   What are the benefits of Empowered Art Therapy and how does Art Therapy support Mental Health and Wellbeing?  Find out more below

Empowered Art Therapy

Empowered Art Therapy

What are the benefits of Empowered Art Therapy?

Kerryn empowers you to gain clarity and make positive changes in a creative and culturally appropriate manner. Kerryn achieves this through specialist art therapy and psycho-spiritual processes for your mental health and wellbeing.

Her creative, nurturing approach empowers you to gain a different perspective on issues to make meaning and find solutions. The emphasis is on the process and not an artistic outcome. As a result, Kerryn empowers you to draw out clarity to work through blocks, make meaning, and find solutions. Kerryn supports individuals, Community Groups, Teams, Small Business and Organisations.

How does Art Therapy Work?

Kerryn guides you through creative, expressive processes that switch on multiple areas of both brain hemispheres and help connect with your body which holds other ways of knowing. The processes are integrated with models of counselling and psychotherapy. Because of this blend of modalities, you gain a different perspective on issues and patterns in order to find healthier ways of coping with challenges and setbacks and find lasting solutions.

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Not sure what service might best suit your needs?  Want to find out what a typical session with Kerryn might look like?  Kerryn understands that choosing a therapist is a personal thing.  That is why she highly recommends you book a free initial 15minute ‘Meet and Greet’ with her.  At this ‘Meet and Greet’, you will have a chance to meet Kerryn and make sure you feel comfortable with her, see some of the processes she may use in a typical session, and take a tour of her specially designed nurturing Centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space.

Call Kerryn on 0450 253 990 to book a ‘Meet and Greet’ or book online via the link below

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