Corporate Art Therapy

Workplace Wellbeing Through Art Therapy

Kerryn Knight offers bespoke corporate Art Therapy workshops for workplaces across many industries!

Kerryn’s evidence-based programs first aim to support your staff through workplace wellbeing. Kerryn achieves this with a unique set of creative processes that stimulate both brain hemispheres. She works with you and your staff to demonstrate techniques and provide take-away tools for strategic planning, intuitive leadership, team building, and creative problem-solving. 
These workshops can be run at your nominated site or at Kerryn’s unique and nurturing Kindred Art Space.

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corporate art therapy

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Kerryn Knight is an art therapist, professional supervisor, and the founder of Empowered Art Therapy.
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Will Art Therapy Help My Team?

Want to bring alive your organisation’s Vision and Values beyond words?

Kerryn Knight has successfully run Empowered Art Therapy Programs for executives, engineers, allied health professionals, teachers, council workers, and more!

Her passion and focus lie in supporting workplaces from a safe soft side approach to bring out the best in your team, align your team to your group’s Vision Statement and Values to bring alive and promote your message beyond words.

Kerryn designs and facilitates Corporate Art Therapy Projects with a range of groups, organisations and communities to bring people together, work on something as a team, and create meaningful art with an empowering message. Kerryn provides end-to-end services from inception to completion and the successful launch of your Corporate Art Therapy Project.

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See What Others Are Saying

Since founding her Empowered Art Therapy practice in 2008, Kerryn Knight has received many testimonials for the Art Therapy work she facilitates with individuals and groups for empowered personal and professional development.

Discover the feedback from those who have attended professional development workshops with Kerryn.