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Kerryn Knight is a specialist Art Therapist in Frankston on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula

As an Art Therapist, Professional Supervisor & supporter of NDIS participants, Kerryn provides individual sessions and facilitates group programs with an empowering message. More about Empowered Art Therapy is below.

Why become an Art Therapist?

Kerryn Knight Founder Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space

Kerryn has over 3 decades of experience in Community Services, Staff Training, and Business Management.  Yet working through personal setbacks and ongoing professional development she discovered a safe, soft side approach to issues she faced in her personal life when she first embarked on formal studies in Arts Therapy.  

In 2008, taking a leap of faith into the unknown she commenced her Empowered Art Therapy private practice where she turned her passion for Counsel and Art into a service, to help transform lives of those she works with.

Founded on her belief in the power of Art Therapy, Kerryn opened Kindred Art SpaceFrankston in 2016.  Kerryn facilitates her workshops and individual sessions from this unique and nurturing Centre for Mental Health and is joined by other independent specialists who also provide Arts Therapy.

Kerryn works globally in a virtual setting facilitating individual one-to-one sessions, team building, and professional self-care workshops for a variety of industries who seek to nurture their business, staff, and clients alike.

“As an Art Therapist & Supervisor,  in private practice since 2008, I bring my life experience coupled with three schools of formal training into the work I do.  These schools include the Transpersonal, Sandplay Therapy and MIECAT’s Form of companioned inquiry and all have changed my life.!”

Kerryn Knight AThR – Art Therapist & Founder

Interview with Kerryn Knight – Art Therapist and Founder of Kindred Art Space:

Three Schools of Formal Training in Art Therapy

As an Art Therapist & Supervisor,  in private practice since 2008, I bring my life experience coupled with three schools of formal training.  These schools include the Transpersonal, Sandplay Therapy and MIECAT’s Form of companioned inquiry and all have changed my life.!

Kerryn Knight AThR – Founder Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space

Empowered Art Therapy

What is Transpersonal?

The Transpersonal focuses on that which extends beyond (trans) the personal or individual in order to look at the broader aspects of our lives.  This psycho-spiritual aspect of Kerryn’s work includes respectful integration of ritual and ceremony, influenced by Indigenous culture, to embrace the powerful benefits of rite-of-passage for all ages to embrace life transitions.

The Transpersonal work I have engaged in throughout my own life has helped me navigate very painful experiences in order to transform them into meaningful life purposes.  I am now humbled by the ability to share and therefore pay it forward to my clients to support them navigate their life challenges and transitions.

Kerryn Knight AThR – Founder Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space

How does Sandplay Therapy work?

Using metaphor and symbols in sandplay therapy we can re-frame a story and look at all of it’s aspects from a different perspective. This helps to make meaning of a situation and gain more insight of how we interact in different circumstances and the patterns of our responses. With greater understanding of ourselves we can make adjustments for a healthier way of dealing with stress and anxiety in our lives.

Empowered Art Therapy

What is Companioned Inquiry?

The companioned inquiry process invites openness and curiosity to the therapeutic relationship with yourself as an inquiring client and Kerryn the therapist.  Through these values, you and Kerryn can walk together on a therapeutic metaphoric journey in a landscape of safety at your pace to see what emerges and unfolds within the creative, experiential, and expressive processes Kerryn facilitates with you.

This process provides a structure that brings the mind and body together in a grounding and transformative platform for positive and lasting change.  Through this form of inquiry, I have been able to rise above patterns that no longer serve me on my ongoing journey of transformation.

Kerryn Knight AThR – Founder Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space

How does Art Therapy help my Mental Health?

Art Therapy focusses on the process of creating rather than an art outcome.  Therefore, it is not about creating a ‘masterpiece’, nor it is creating something that is aesthetically pleasing.  Rather it is just about the process of expressing emotion and doing so by becoming more aware of our body felt sense and the wisdom it holds.

The art created has a two-fold effect.  On one hand it acts as a release of emotion.  On the other hand, the art acts as a visual representation of that emotion of which the art-maker can dialogue with and gain further understanding of.

More and more research points to how we store emotion and traumatic experience, at a cellular level.  In his work on trauma research, Van der Kolk (2018) speaks of how “the body keeps the score” (p. 86). This storing of events is often only re-traumatised through just verbalising them.

Sometimes the trauma took place pre-language and therefore there are no words to describe the emotions felt.

However, through creative, expressive interventions, a person can re-frame their experience within a safe, soft side approach. 

The representation of body felt sense and re-framing of experience helps people to externalise the issue, look at it from different perspectives, dialogue with it and do so in a safe contained process at a pace that is led by them.  Therefore, the creative process acts as a vehicle for navigating issues and gain understanding from a deeper and wise part of self.  With deeper understanding, solutions can be created for empowered change.

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Not sure what service might best suit your needs?  Want to find out what a typical session with Kerryn might look like?  Kerryn understands that choosing a therapist is a personal thing.  That is why she highly recommends you book a free initial 15minute ‘Meet and Greet’ with her.  At this ‘Meet and Greet’, you will have a chance to meet Kerryn and make sure you feel comfortable with her, see some of the processes she may use in a typical session, and take a tour of her specially designed nurturing Centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space.

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Empowered Art Therapy services cover the Melbourne Metropolitan Region face to face and nationwide and internationally online.


Masters of Arts in Therapeutic Practice

Grad. Dip. Arts in Therapeutic Practice

Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy

Aust. Counsellors Association (ACA) Registered Member

Professional Supervisor – Member of the ACA College of Supervisors

Sandplay Therapy – Master Practitioner

EACH Carer Support Registered Provider

Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment