Empowered Art Therapy NDIS services

As a specialist Art Therapist, I support NDIS participants with psychosocial support

As an Art Therapist, I work with you in a safe soft side approach using creative expressive processes and movement so together we can explore your recovery.

Kerryn Knight – Founder Empowered Art Therapy & KIndred Art Space

Empowered Art Therapy trauma-informed services for NDIS

As a trauma-informed practitioner, I work with you through creative processes that can include painting, collage, clay, textiles, creative writing, metaphor, symbols, dream work, and movement for therapeutic intervention at your pace within a nurturing space.

When you visit my studio you will see my ‘Tree of Recovery” artwork on the wall. This piece is inspired by my personal journey and the many I have worked with along their mental health and well-being continuum.

Just like in my ‘Tree of Recovery’ image, the roots of the tree are what the tree grows from. Therefore the roots of my ‘Tree of Recovery’ are based on dignity and respect to help you bring regulation into your life, working towards recovery. At the heart of the ‘Tree of Recovery,’ there is hope. Sometimes hope is hard to find along the journey towards recovery and during those times, I hold the hope for you when perhaps you can’t see it. Just like a tree recovers from a bush fire, so too in our work together, I acknowledge and encourage post-traumatic growth in the nurturing space I provide for you.

Most of all the creative process helps to bring joy to our lives and provides you with a sense of agency and control in sometimes what might feel like an out-of-control feeling.

I provide individual sessions within a tailor-made therapeutic plan to assist you to reach your plan goals.

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I highly recommend a free initial 15minute ‘Meet and Greet’ with me to make sure you feel comfortable with me, see some of the processes I may use in a typical session, and take a tour of my specialist Centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space

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