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Since founding her Empowered Art Therapy practice in 2008, Kerryn Knight has received many testimonials. Formally reviewed for the Art Therapy work she facilitates with individuals and groups, Kerryn empowers people for personal and professional development.

Below are some of the many testimonials provided by Kerryn’s individual clients and organisations she has worked and partnered with.

Art Therapy Client Testimonials
Professional Development & Professional Self-Care Testimonials
Corporate Team Building; Group and One-to-One Sessions
Start Up With HeART – How To Market Your Authentic Therapy Practice Course
Supervisee Testimonials
Community Art Projects
Youth Feedback from Art Therapy Workshops
Young Adults with Disabilities
Aged Care Facility – Dementia Specific Art Therapy Program
Carers of People with Mental Health Issues – Creative Wellbeing Art Therapy Workshop
Art & Soul Workshop for Older Adults

Art Therapy Client Testimonials

  • Art Therapy Client

    Kerryn is an amazing art therapist and really cares about her clients. The centre is absolutley beautiful and a space that is unique. Upon your first visit you will feel relaxed in this tranquil, claming space. I can’t recommend highly enough…My favourite place!

  • Art Therapy Client

    Kerryn has provided a beautiful space at Empowered Art Therapy giving every opportunity of relaxing while creating what comes naturally from within.

  • Art Therapy Client

    Kerryn is a lovely intuitive counsellor and art therapist.

  • Art Therapy Client

    Kerryn, I want to thank you for your professionalism and sharing your skills and wisdom as I have never felt so safe and supported. You have been so delicate and professional with all my stuff and I sincerely can not thank you enough. I have already recommended you to some of my colleagues and friends!

  • Sandplay Therapy Client

    I seem to be embracing my full identity with much more ease- a shift that happened after my session with you, thank you!

Professional Development & Professional Self-Care Testimonials

  • S.A.M. Educator, Shepparton

    Kerryn was simply amazing – so kind, patient, inclusive, and generous – inviting and answering questions, and her voice is wonderful to listen to!

  • Youth Worker

    I really appreciated the Self Care processes. Given my busy schedule, it helped me stop and ponder on my goals and helped me clarify what’s really important in my role in assisting young people.

  • Social Worker

    Thank you Kez for some great examples of how art therapy can help me engage with my young clients.

  • Youth Worker

    I found the information provided in the workshop very relevant for my role working with young people that have experienced trauma. The examples and processes provided where fun but also therapeutic and I can see how they can help my young clients.

  • S.A.M. Educator, Shepparton

    Kerryn was calm and professional and guided us very well through the meditation and art therapy activities.

  • Mariana – Temple Society

    Kerryn came and ran a fantastic vision board workshop for a womens retreat this weekend and all the ladies loved it! We each went away with a vision board and a sense of direction! Kerryn was so calming, empowering and the process was so beautiful from start to finish! Many thanks Kerryn!

  • Lauren – Self Care Sunday Workshop Attendee

    Last year I did the ‘Plant Your Vision’ pot-making-set-your-intention workshop. I shared how in 2018 I really wanted to buy a family home that my children could finish growing up in. And in June 2018 we did it!!! It has been a wonderful time of settling in and making this house our home. 

  • Laura – Transpersonal Art Therapist Student

    Kerryn, Thank you so much for facilitating a wonderful workshop to begin my Sunday. Your warmth, care, knowledge and attention to detail made the sand tray process a smooth, healing, insightful and safe journey.  It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future!

  • Lauren – Self Care Sunday Attendee & Therapist

    I had a wonderful experience at the workshop and enjoyed the space to create and play. I still have a feeling of euphoria.

  • Self Care Sunday Attendee

    I also totally enjoyed today’s workshop!!! It was such a peaceful soul searching experience … I hadn’t done anything like it before … Will totally be back to do more!

Corporate Team Building; Group and One-to-One Sessions

  • Nichole Fisher - Advocate, Educator, Motivator, Leader – Pennsylvania Center School, USA

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of our conference! I am so blessed and honored to have had you join our efforts here to impact the lives of youth-serving professionals and the amazing teens they work with! I hope we can continue to collaborate in the future! ❤️

  • BH, Youth Worker, Frankston

    Kez, thank you for an amazing session, we are still buzzing about it.

  • CC Youth Worker, Frankston

    Hi Kez!, I just wanted to extend my thank you for the art therapy session you ran for youth services the other day. The training session provided me with not only professional development but on a personal level as well.  Thank you for inspiring and motivating us.

  • Kez Thank you for an amazing session, we are still buzzing about it.

  • Kerryn is genuine and focuses on my needs. Being very organized and thorough in her approach I am safe to share my experience with her.”
    “She has warmth about her that made me feel comfortable to express myself.

  • Kerryn seems to know what to say and when. She pushes me when I need it but she also lets me sit with stuff that I come to recognize when I see the patterns in my life that no longer serve me.

  • Thanks Kerryn, I now have more confidence in myself. After realizing the bad habits I had got into and repeated in my life, I could make the choice to take back my power. The awareness I now have has helped me to make changes in my life.

Start Up With HeART – How To Market Your Authentic Therapy Practice Course

  • Marbs, Counsellor

    Thank you again for a truly wonderful workshop and for the certificates and slides.

    I came away buzzing with motivation and inspiration thanks to you.  I also found that I was interpreting more revealing things in the artwork.  You’ve probably heard it before but you have a gift and I thank you for sharing it.

  • Tita, Counsellor

    When I registered to attend 2 workshops to help me learn about setting up and growing my private practice I was not sure what to expect with the idea of doing this using art and creativity as part of the process. This was a most enjoyable experience led by Kerryn whose gentle and friendly manner made the process very special. I learned a lot and was able to also appreciate her beautiful and interesting venue Kindred Art Space! I highly recommend her workshops!

  • Clarisa, Counsellor

    Thank you Kerryn for the fantastic 2-day workshop!! The experience was invaluable I highly recommend to everybody. The workshop provides the opportunity for self-growth, so you can work through any personal blocks at your own pace. It was a complete surprise to be able to explore art therapy on a deeper personal soul level. Not only do you learn about business development, you have the opportunity to bond with others and share similar experiences too. The environment of Kindred Art Space is super welcoming and beautiful. The experience was 100% positive and supportive all the way, plus the fireplace was an added bonus!

  • Hayley Brenton, Therapist

    I attended the two day workshop ‘Start Up and Grow Your Business’ for counsellors/therapists. It was such an amazing experience! I walked away from the two days feeling connected and inspired and even though it was a few months ago that I did the workshop I still regularly refer to the notes. Kerryn is a fantastic art therapist and made the workshop incredibly interesting with a wide variety of activities and discussions. I came away with very practical knowledge of steps to take, as well as personal insights that have changed the way I work in my business. Thank you so much Kerryn! It was such a pleasure meeting you and doing your workshop. ❤️ 

  • Marianne Ellis, Soul Reflection Coach

    The two day workshop for growing your private practice was really informative. I felt very well supported and came away feeling inspired and uplifted. I’m really grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt, thanks so much.

  • Josephine Edmonds, Art Psychotherapist

    The Start up and grow workshops (now How To Market Your Authentic Therapy Practice online course) helped to clarify my vision of my future business. Kerryn is very welcoming and the large space is beautiful. The creative processes help to get to the heart of your unique experiences and how this can be a positive addition to your skills. I highly recommend doing this workshop for anyone starting a business or feeling their business has lost direction. Loved it!

Supervisee Testimonials

  • Adam Weaver, Counsellor & Coach

    Kerryn resonates with stillness and genuine compassion and respect for people, and she humbly offers these qualities in her practice as a counsellor, therapist & supervisor. Empowered Art Therapy integrates efficacious models of psychology integrated with the power of nurturing, creativity, respect for and integration of indigenous culture and an appreciation of the healing power of nature. Kerryn inspires people to live in authenticity and to embrace the power of their Human Spirit to heal.

  • Supervisee

    Kerryn Knight is living her dream and transforming lives with her wisdom and expertise. I highly recommend her to anybody who requires supervision as part of their profession, needs guidance in setting up their practice and/or seeks to transform their lives through the amazing practice of art therapy and mindfulness

    Such a wonderful space to be. Every time I come here I become more inspired. I cannot wait to come back & enjoy more of the beautiful energy which exudes from the different spaces that Kerryn has created.

  • Supervisee

    Hi Kez, what a great pleasure to meet and to spend time with you today. I so enjoyed your presence and being in your beautiful space.  I feel supported and witnessed and therefore energised for the next steps … it feels good!

Community Art Projects

  • Manager EYA

    It was such a pleasure working with you Kez. The young people and staff love it when you’re here. You bring something really special to the refuge every time you come. It will be great to have another mural on the wall.

  • Youth Worker Casey Council

    Kerryn just took her time and put it out there and let the kids come to her. This slowly brought the crowd in until they were all involved. It shows that she was doing it right and shows the community to give an outsider a chance and through this art it has helped them explore their culture and emotions. Go with the flow is the Aboriginal way and Kerryn did just that. I feel that it all comes down to personality.

Youth Feedback from Art Therapy Workshops

  • Mother of 10 Year Old

    My son who wasn’t attending school, since making art in the program has been asked to display his work at school and is now attending school again.

  • 16 Year Old Participant

    Kez, I know art-making is a good thing for me, it helps keep me focused and keep me out of trouble.

  • 19 Year Old Participant

    Kez inspired me to get involved with the art workshops and develop my skills. I’ve now sold my art and proud of my work

  • 14 Year Old Participant

    It helped me be a leader!

  • 13 Year Old Participant

    We talked more!

  • 15 Year Old Participant

    It helped me make subject choices at school!

  • Child Participant

    Everyone loves doing art with you Kez, and being proud to put our art in exhibitions!

  • 7 Year Old Participant

    I like wearing the T-Shirt I made, coz it makes me feel good when I wear it

    This young fella beamed with pride when he stood back and looked at the many pieces of art he contributed to throughout the 10-week Art Therapy Program he attended and the T Shirt he made. Over the weeks I could see his confidence grow and his social skills improve out of sight.

Young Adults with Disabilities

  • Program Manager

    The feedback is positive, they are all very keen and get a lot out of these sessions

Aged Care Facility – Dementia Specific Art Therapy Program

  • Wahroonga Aged Care – Facility Manager

    Kerryn provided an excellent service that met our expectations and provided the outcomes that we wanted for our Residents

  • Wahroonga Aged Care Resident – Jack

    The art helps me to relax and forget about my aches and pains.

  • Wahroonga Aged Care Resident – Mrs Dai

    The art making has helped me to honour my brother who has now passed on.

  • Wahroonga Aged Care Resident – Ted

    Doing the memory board, I remember the happy holidays we spent at Rye in our caravan with the family.

  • Wahroonga Aged Care Lifestyle Assistant

    One resident that was restless normally, sat down and worked consistently for 60 minutes and spoke of her love of lavender and how it reminded her of her past.

  • Wahroonga Aged Care Staff

    Wahroonga Residents who attended the Art Therapy program over the 6 week period were more relaxed and more responsive with day to day tasks.

  • Manningham Centre Resident

    When I draw my Tree I remember climbing the Mulberry tree as a kid, I remember the berries, it was a happy time I remember.

Carers of People with Mental Health Issues – Creative Wellbeing Art Therapy Workshop

  • I feel relaxed, better to deal with my role as a carer.  I will use the strategies with me at home.

  • I have learnt to relax, to meditate, to trust my intuition and methods and ways to solve or find solutions to my problems – letting go of the old ways.

  • I have found brand new skills beginning a creative outlet, refreshing, stimulating feeling of hope, I benefit knowing things are possible.

Art & Soul Workshop for Older Adults

  • A wonderful experience of touching the inner soul through visual art.  You are a very intuitive facilitator who encourages each person and always assisting us to find our true self within.  I loved each session and appreciated the notes.  Loved it all, many thanks.

  • Insight and new learning, Right and Left brain – both to be celebrated. Joy of drawing – excitement of creation.  Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you

  • What a wonderful mind-expanding, innovative, imaginative course – I’ve loved every minute

  • Thank you Kerryn, it’s been exciting, stimulating, thought-provoking, challenging & FUN!

  • Thank you for freeing us to listen within & to create lovely expressions

  • Dear Kerryn, thank you for a unique experience – so freeing and you are so encouraging!

  • A wonderful time of fun & freeing creativity.  Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for sending & teaching us all your skills

  • Dear Kerryn, Thank-you for your accepting spirit.  It has been a freeing and enlivening experience.

  • Dear Kerryn, what a joyous 3 days.  It made me feel very relaxed and joyful.  Thank you for everything!

  • Thanks Kerryn, it was great to combine art & spirituality.