Carers Mindfulness & Art Therapy Online Course

Mindfulness Walk-In-Wonder Art Therapy

An online workshop for carers.

This free online Mindfulness Art Therapy workshop is a partnership between EACH Family Relationship Support for Carers Service and Empowered Art Therapy, that invites you to take time out from your caring role, focus on your essential self-care and learn practical mindfulness through creative, expressive processes.

Join us via Zoom:

Dates: 20th August 2020

Time: 10am – 11am

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This online course will provide you with:

  • Mindfulness techniques for daily relaxation and self-care.
  • Downloadable instructions HERE
  • A creative expressive process to explore your learning edges, strengths, challenges, and resilience.
  • A sharing circle with fellow carers.

Materials list

The list of materials below can be sourced from your garden or nearby park or beach:

  • Taking a ‘walk-in-wonder’ find 4 x natural items that represent:
    • Your safe place/happy place (that does not necessarily need to be a physical location) where you feel centred
    • Your learning edge or hurdle that you can work on to bring you closer to your goal
    • What in the moment calls you to be present/grounded
    •  The bigger picture of you /where you see yourself and your role within the family/greater community
  • Quiet spot, interruption-free for 1 hour to walk in wonder and another 1 hour to join the online course
  • An open mind

How does Art Therapy work?

Art Therapy focusses on the process of creating rather than an art outcome. Therefore, it is not about creating a ‘masterpiece’, nor it is creating something that is aesthetically pleasing. Rather it is just about the process of expressing emotion and doing so by becoming more aware of our body felt sense and the wisdom it holds. The art created has a two-fold effect. On one hand, it acts as a release of emotion. On the other hand, the art acts as a visual representation of that emotion of which the art-maker can dialogue with and gain further self-awareness.


More about your presenter: Kerryn Knight is an Art Therapist & Founder of Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space. She uses the creative expressive process as a vehicle for self-care and self-awareness. With these tools, she empowers you to navigate towards meaning-making and develop new and healthy coping skills.


For more information, please contact our FRSC Team on 1300 303 346 or via