Online Development Courses

Online Development Courses

Empowered Art Therapy’s range of professional development workshops are available online.

These courses blend the three schools of formal Art Therapy Training, Kerryn has embarked on over the past decade. These are the Transpersonal, Sandplay Therapy, and the MIECAT Form of Inquiry. Kerryn’s unique lived experience provides the vessel for these courses to be held within, allowing her to share the great insights she has gained on her personal healing and practice journey.

This blend of mind, body, and spiritual aspects of Art Therapy makes these experiential courses with research-based techniques easy to follow yet deeply resonant.

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Empowered Art Therapy Courses Online
Empowered Art Therapy
‘Tree Of Me’ Online Workshop
Empowered Art Therapy
‘Nature’s Symbol Beads’ Online Workshop
Empowered Art Therapy Workshop online
Empowered Art Therapy
Mapping My Inner Treasure Online Workshop

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Since founding her Empowered Art Therapy practice in 2008, Kerryn Knight has received many testimonials for the Art Therapy work she facilitates with individuals and groups for empowered personal and professional development.

Discover the feedback from those who have attended professional development workshops with Kerryn.