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ABC iview’s ‘Space22’ explains how Art Therapy services, like those accessed at Kindred Art Space can support your mental health and wellbeing
Empowered Art Therapy services supporting Victorian Schools
Professional Development certificate courses for Sandtray Therapy available at Kindred Art Space this September for Educators, Social Workers, Mental Health workers, Therapists, Psychologists and Counsellors
Art Therapy Services supporting NDIS participants at Kindred Art Space

Post COVID19 Workplace Self-Care, Art Therapy for Individuals and Groups, Supporting NDIS, and more

Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space Newsletter May 2022

See our latest newsletter to find out more from Kerryn Knight – Founder of Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space.

Listen to the creation story for Kindred Art Space and why a warehouse was transformed into a Centre for Mental Health.

Hear more about Kerryn’s passion for professional self-care in the workplace and her tailored […]

Empowered Art Therapy Tree of Recovery

“As an Art Therapist, I work with you in a safe, soft side approach so together we can explore your recovery. When you visit my studio, you will see my ‘Tree of Recovery’ artwork on the wall. This piece is inspired by my personal journey and the many I have worked with along their mental health and wellbeing continuum.”

Kerryn Knight – Art Therapist & Founder Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space

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Newsletter April 2022 Empowered Art Therapy at Kindred Art Space

Empowered Art Therapy at Kindred Art Space newsletter

The Kindred Art Space April Newsletter shares with you details about Art Therapy services supporting NDIS participants, Kerryn’s Empowered Art Therapy Team Building, and Professional Self-Care workshops.

To find out more about Kerryn, her team of independent specialists providing Art Therapy one-to-one services, her Professional Development workshops, and how to book a free ‘Meet and Greet’ click HERE

Empowered Art Therapy with Kerryn Knight at Kindred Art Space

Kerryn Knight Empowered Art Therapy

As an Art Therapist, Professional Supervisor & supporter of NDIS participants, Kerryn provides individual sessions and facilitates group programs with an empowering message. 

Find out more about Kerryn Knight – Art Therapist and Founder of Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space. Download a brochure now that explains further Kerryn’s approach to individual Therapy, and how she can work with you along your mental health continuum, Professional Self-Care, and Empowered Art Therapy Team Building for your Organisation.

Why Kerryn became an […]

Original Art for Dead Finish Distillery

Kerryn’s Original Art can be purchased and utilised for many different projects.
Jonathan Harris of Dead Finish Distillery got in touch with Kerryn to purchase her Outback Wattle art for his Classic Gin label.  His micro-distillery located in Reservoir, Melbourne, Australia was born out of a long passion for craft concepts and the ability to be able to create something from scratch.
Johnathan explains on his site that Dead Finish (Acacia Tetragonophylla) is a native Australian wattle tree with needle-type phyllodes with […]

Free Carers Art Therapy Online Workshop

Empowered Art Therapy

This free online Mindfulness Art Therapy workshop is a partnership between EACH Family Relationship Support for Carers Service and Empowered Art Therapy, and will enable you to gain a greater understanding of yourself, your challenges, resilience and things you wish to grow through creative, expressive processes.
The tree and its many parts symbolise you and your many parts.  Your history and roots, the face you share to the world, your inner self and where you are ‘growing to’. As we draw to the […]

Free School Holidays Mindfulness & Art Therapy Online Workshop for Carers and their Children

This family friendly online Art Therapy course, is a partnership between EACH Family Relationship Support for Carers Service and Empowered Art Therapy and will enable you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and family’s strengths, challenges and learning edges through creative, expressive processes.
The ‘Mapping My Inner Treasure’ online workshop will provide you with experiential creative writing process to look at your:


During this live online course, you will find:

Inspirational Cards Video – […]