Professional Self-Care Workshops

I love the work I do! I love the people I meet when I facilitate my workshops! Together we share, we laugh, sometimes we cry, and we always say “A-Ha”. It’s in those “A-Ha” moments of self-awareness that the magic happens. Join us for the magic that self-awareness brings.

Kerryn Knight – Founder of Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space

What to expect from an Empowered Art Therapy Workshop

Mindfulness, Meditation, Guided Imagery, & Art Making

During an Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self-Care workshop, Kerryn leads you on a journey through Meditation to relax the Mind and Body, followed by useful mindfulness processes and Creative Expression using the healing arts in various creative processes. 

She includes a range of experiential interactive therapeutic processes with themes and topics to focus on including New Year’s resolutions, letting go of old habits, or simply just connecting with yourself and gaining insight.

Using the MIECAT Form of Inquiry, Kerryn guides you through specially designed prompts to help ground the insight gained from each workshop.

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Book Your Free ‘Meet and Greet’ with Kerryn Today

At this free, 15-minute ‘Meet and Greet’ you have a chance to make sure you feel comfortable with me, see some of the processes I may use in a typical session, and take a tour of my specialist centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space in Frankston, on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula.

The Home of Empowered Art Therapy

Labyrinth & Sharing Circle at Kindred Art Space

Each Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self Care Workshop facilitated at Kerryn’s Centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space invites you to walk the Labyrinth (symbolic spiral) that has been created as a mosaic in the Meditation & Healing Garden.

The Kindred Art Space Labyrinth has been created for you to walk along wearing or carrying the creative processes you have made during each workshop.   Labyrinths are designed for spiritual healing.  It helps ground the wisdom you have gained from the therapeutic processes of the Workshop and bring this into your daily life.

Kindred Art Space Meditation & Healing Garden

Benefits of Meditation and The Healing Arts

Science and research now support that the benefits of daily 15-minute meditation and Art Therapy include:

  • The release of melatonin and serotonin into the body (Natural calming and happiness hormones)
  • Assist in the body’s natural rejuvenation process
  • Better attention control, emotion management, and assistance with mindful decisions
  • The release of mental and emotional blockages
  • Helping to bring balance and clarity to your day
Empowered Art Therapy Workshops at Kindred Art Space
Kindred Art Space Learning Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

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