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I love the work I do !  I love the people I meet when I facilitate my workshops! Together we share, we laugh, and we always say “A Ha” – and it’s in those “A Ha” moments of self awareness that the magic happens.
Join us for the magic that self awareness brings”
Kerryn Knight – Transpersonal Art Therapist & Founder – Kindred Art Space

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Meeting all the demands of your family and/or work? No time for yourself?


Sounds like you need some Self Care !


Kerryn Knight, Art Therapist runs workshops throughout the year at her nurturing centre –

Kindred Art Space.


Who Should Attend?

If you are a student or professional Art Therapist, Counsellor, Social Worker, Teacher, or Mental Health Worker the SELF CARE for PROFESSIONALS workshops are perfect to provide you with self-care, learn techniques to use with your clients, and network with other professionals. Recognised by the Australian Counselling Association, the SELF CARE for PROFESSIONALS Workshops provide you with OPD points


Are you a member of the Australian Counselling Association ? (ACA) Some of the workshops listed provide OPD points when you attend.


What to expect from each SELF CARE for PROFESSIONALS Workshops :

As an added benefit of Kerryn’s SELF CARE Workshops…

Meditation , Guided Imagery & Art Making

During the Self-Care for Professionals workshops Kerryn leads you on a journey through Meditation to relax the Mind and Body, followed by Creative Expression using the healing arts in various creative processes.  She includes a range of meditation techniques and topics to focus on including New Year’s resolutions, letting go of old habits or simply just to connect with yourself and gain insight.

Labyrinth & Sharing Circle

Each Workshop invites you to walk the Labyrinth (symbolic spiral) that has been created as a mosaic in the Meditation & Healing Garden at  Kindred Art Space.  This Labyrinth has been created for you to walk along wearing or carrying your creative processes you have made during each workshop.   Labyrinth’s are designed for spiritual healing.  It helps ground the wisdom you have gained by the therapeutic processes of the Workshop and bring this into your daily life.

Benefits of Meditation & The Healing Arts: 

Science and Research now supports the benefits of a daily 15 minute meditation and the benefits of Art Therapy to:

  • release melatonin and seratonin into the body- the body’s natural calming and happiness hormones
  • assist in the body’s natural rejuvenation process
  • better control attention, manage emotions and assist with mindful decisions
  • release mental and emotional blockages
  • help bring balance and clarity to your day.


Mapping My Inner Treasure (C)  | now available online

This workshop will provide you with an introduction to art therapy and professional self-care techniques. The workshop includes creative and experiential processes coupled with practical tools to use with clients.

The ‘Mapping My Inner Treasure (C) workshop will provide you with:

  • Mindfulness techniques for daily self-care
  • Guided Imagery process for relaxation
  • Creative writing to look at your values, strengths, challenges and resilience.
  • Creative expression to depict pathways towards your values, strengths and resilience
  • Learn creative techniques for you to use with clients
  • Take-away items include the art making you create during the workshop
  • ACA OPD points

Tree of Me (C) | now available online

You are invited through a series of creative therapeutic processes to experientially build self awareness through tree symbolism.

The tree and its many parts symbolises you, your history and roots, the face you share to the world, your inner self and where you are ‘growing to’.   Detailed information on the symbolism for each part of the tree is provided and you are guided through experiential and therapeutic creation.

Nature’s Symbol Beads (C) | now available online

Using various mediums, this workshop invites you to choose and thread a series of natural objects as symbols based on themes including personal strength, cultural heritage, hopes and dreams as well as your growing edge and challenges both personally and professionally.

Beginning with a guided meditation, you are then invited to choose and create beads to thread and tie together as a response to a series of questions designed to evoke the soul to speak. Through this deep therapeutic workshop the wearable and transportable symbols become a powerful positive reminder of your inner resources and resilience when needed such as in times of stress and anxiety or to remind you to continue on your path to your joy and passion.

Spirit Guide Workshop |Next Workshop to be scheduled soon

Following a guided meditation, you are invited to create an artwork depicting your spirit guide, totem animal or image of a symbol of personal power and resilience. Designed to tap into intuition and natural inner resources to build confidence and self awareness, this workshop provides an opportunity for personal insight and you get to take away your individual life-size canvas wall hanging created and embellished by you.

Postcards To Self Workshop | Next Workshop to be scheduled soon

You are invited to create postcards to self in the form of an individual story board through various creative mediums such as poetry, collage and painting.  This board can then be displayed in your home to remind you of your story of resilience and your essence.

Set In Stone Workshop | next workshop coming soon

This workshop invites you to relax through a meditative process, gain and ground insight, setting the inner wisdom that arises ‘in stone’.

Through a guided imagery and meditation process, Kerryn provides the space for you to go within and access inner wisdom and resources.  You are then invited to ‘set in stone’ the insights you have tapped into by recording personal symbols, words or imagery.  Placed on an alter, or special place in the home or garden, these beautifully decorated stones are vivid, powerful and constant reminders of the makers strengths and resilience.

Dreams & Symbols Workshop | next workshop coming soon

This 2 hour workshop invites you to explore your dreams and the personal symbols that exist within them.  Using symbols and creative dream imagery you are empowered to explore the powerful and personal messages your dreams hold for you.  Our dreams speak a language that is held deep within our psyche and when deciphered hold many answers, wisdom and act as guidance for us. ACA Recognised Professional Development

SELF CARE for PROFESSIONALS – Spirit Avatar Workshop | next workshop coming soon

This creative therapeutic and experiential workshop provides you with self-care whilst also learning techniques you can share with your clients.
Recognised professional development by the ACA, this ‘Spirit Avatar’ workshop, facilitated by Kerryn Knight – Transpersonal Art Therapist, Counsellor & Supervisor allows you to witness and experience the power of Art Therapy and gain insight for yourself and learn how it can benefit your clients.
This unique workshop involves guided imagery, art-making and a labyrinth walking meditation for your essential self-care. With a focus on your practice development, this process provides you with time-out from your busy schedule to contemplate your business from a different perspective to gain insight and create a powerful, tangible anchor for your business intention. With handouts outlining the step-by-step process, this workshop provides you with techniques to use with your clients for them to hold positive intentions for their personal goals and provide a ‘safe place’ for when dealing with stress.  ACA Recognised Professional Development

SELF CARE for PROFESSIONALS – Treasures in the Sand Workshop |next workshop coming soon

With an introduction to Sandplay therapy this 4 hour experiential workshop allows you to witness and experience the power of sandplay and gain insight for yourself and find solutions to issues.  ACA Recognised Professional Development


SELF-CARE for PROFESSIONALS – Behind The Mask | Next workshop to be scheduled soon

Making and moulding a mask invites you to explore the persona you share with the world around you and also to explore what lies behind it. In this workshop you are invited to draw out what is shown and what is hidden then through moulding clay you are invited to capture the mask that lies between the two. This ‘bridging’ mask helps to initiate a creative exploration of the self, allowing your soul to speak and gaining insight for a richer life experience.

Small Friendly Classes-Places Limited-Bookings Essential.


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