I love the work I do! I love the people I meet when I facilitate my workshops! Together we share, we laugh, sometimes we cry and we always say “A-Ha” – and it’s in those “A-Ha” moments of self-awareness that the magic happens. Join us for the magic that self-awareness brings.

Kerryn Knight – Founder Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space

Art Therapy Groups

Do you know of an adult who is interested in an Art Therapy Group supporting NDIS Participants?

Expressions of Interest are now being taken for a regular Art Therapy Group for NDIS Participants

Facilitated by Art Therapist and Founder of Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space, Kerryn Knight. Each session will involve a series of fun and therapeutic processes.

Submit your Expression of Interest HERE

Empowered Art Therapy Professional Development

Professional Self-Care Workshops

Meeting all the demands of your family and/or work? No time for yourself?

Sounds like you need some Self-Care !

Being in private practice since 2008 and previously working in the Community Service Sector, Kindred Art Space’s founder, Kerryn Knight has a large network across various industries.  Throughout these networks, she understands the impact of COVID19 on our mental health and the shifting demands of work. To tackle this growing issue she designs and facilitates bespoke professional self-care programs with a range of groups, organisations, and communities both nationally and internationally.  Targeting change management, intuitive leadership, and team-building, she uses a unique creative therapeutic approach.  Kerryn’s passion and focus lie in supporting other professionals across the crisis intervention, education, mental health, counselling, and creative therapeutic industries.

Kerryn Knight runs Empowered Art Therapy workshops for Professional Self-Care throughout the year face to face at her Centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space

Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self-Care workshops are facilitated worldwide

Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self Care Workshops ONLINE On Demand

Empowered Art Therapy Tree Of Me (C) Online Workshop
Empowered Art Therapy Nature’s Symbol Beads (C) Online Workshop
Empowered Art Therapy Workshop online
Empowered Art Therapy Mapping My Inner Treasure (C) Online Workshop

Empowered Art Therapy Recognised Professional Development

Who should attend Empowered Art Therapy Workshops?

If you are a student or professional Art Therapist, Counsellor, Social Worker, Teacher, or Mental Health Worker the Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self Care workshops are perfect to provide you with your essential professional self-care, learn techniques to use with your clients, and network with other professionals.

Recognised by the Australian Counselling Association, the Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self Care Workshops provide you with OPD points

Empowered Art Therapy Team Building

Empowered Art Therapy Team Building Programs

Looking for a Unique Program for your Team?

Tired of regular team-building activities with no lasting results?

Coming from a Corporate background involving Staff Training, Kerryn Knight understands the needs of Organisations and their staff. With Empowered Art Team Building Programs designed specifically for your Workplace, Kerryn facilitates programs globally to bring out the best in your Group at your nominated site, online, or why not take a break from the office and spend a day at Kindred Art Space.

Kindred Art Space, founded by Kerryn in 2016 is a unique and nurturing space “where therapy begins when you walk within”. Kerryn Knight has successfully run Empowered Art Team Building for Executives, Engineers, Allied Health Professionals, Teachers, Council Workers, and more.

With a unique set of creative processes that stimulate the right brain hemisphere, Kerryn works with you and your staff demonstrating techniques and take-away tools for Strategic Planning, Intuitive Leadership, and Creative problem-solving.

Download a brochure HERE to find out more

Empowered Art Therapy Testimonials

See what others are saying

Kerryn has been facilitating Empowered Art Therapy workshops across Victoria face to face for many years and online nationally and internationally.

Kerryn has received much feedback from individuals and groups for her services

Find out more about what others are saying about Empowered Art Therapy workshops HERE

Empowered Art Therapy

What to expect from an Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self Care Workshop

Mindfulness, Meditation, Guided Imagery & Art Making

During the Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self Care workshops Kerryn leads you on a journey through Meditation to relax the Mind and Body, followed by useful mindfulness processes and Creative Expression using the healing arts in various creative processes. 

She includes a range of experiential interactive therapeutic processes with themes and topics to focus on including New Year’s resolutions, letting go of old habits, or simply just connecting with yourself and gaining insight.

Using the MIECAT Form of Inquiry, Kerryn guides you through specially designed prompts to help ground the insight gained from each workshop

Kindred Art Space Meditation & Healing Garden

Labyrinth & Sharing Circle at Kindred Art Space – the home of Empowered Art Therapy

Each Empowered Art Therapy Professional Self Care Workshop facilitated at Kerryn’s Centre for mental health – Kindred Art Space invites you to walk the Labyrinth (symbolic spiral) that has been created as a mosaic in the Meditation & Healing Garden.

The Kindred Art Space Labyrinth has been created for you to walk along wearing or carrying the creative processes you have made during each workshop.   Labyrinths are designed for spiritual healing.  It helps ground the wisdom you have gained from the therapeutic processes of the Workshop and bring this into your daily life.

Empowered Art Therapy Workshops at Kindred Art Space

Benefits of Meditation & The Healing Arts

Science and Research now supports the benefits of a daily 15 minute meditation and the benefits of Art Therapy to:

  • release melatonin and seratonin into the body- the body’s natural calming and happiness hormones
  • assist in the body’s natural rejuvenation process
  • better control attention, manage emotions and assist with mindful decisions
  • release mental and emotional blockages
  • help bring balance and clarity to your day.