Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision

As a member of the Australian Counsellors Association’s (ACA) College of Supervisors (COS), Kerryn provides Counsellors, Teachers, Social Workers, and Psychotherapists professional supervision. She assists with self-care and Professional Development to support client-centred roles.

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Empowered Art Therapy Supervision

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How Professional Supervision Works

My Professional Supervision services support you in your integral self-care, professional development, practice development, and client-related matters. I do this through a collaborative approach using the ACA Professional Supervision guiding principles as well as Reflective Practice. This approach uses traditional Supervision along with creative arts-based methods of inquiry. Combined this approach empowers you with transformative and practical ways to reflect on and work on your practice, study and personal considerations.

Australian Counselling Association

The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) industry standard is one hour of professional supervision for every 10 hours of client contact time. Depending on your experience and at what stage your practice is, you may wish to have a ratio of something less or more than this, depending on what your needs demand.

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Kerryn Knight ACA member College of Supervisors