Navigating True North – Art Therapy for Business Workshop 25th Nov 2023

Navigating True North - Art Therapy for Business Development Workshop

Navigating True North – Art Therapy as a guide for Business Development

What is the Navigating True North – Using Art Therapy as a guide for Business Development Workshop about?

Without your business visioning and ‘reason why’ it’s difficult to stay focused, especially with ever-changing and ongoing demands. Yet it’s not enough to just have a plan recording your reason why. To stay focused for success, you need resilience and to embody that reason why. Then you can map the pathway towards your vision. But how?


How can creativity assist my business development resilience?

Passionate about the connection between a thriving business and individual creativity, Kerryn is experienced in designing and facilitating workshops to support business/practice owners to creatively stay anchored to navigate ongoing change and avoid burnout. Kerryn believes that when you focus on the art of an evolving mindset, you can embrace transitions and grow personally and professionally.

Kerryn as founder of Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space works with people in leadership across various industries worldwide to find and flex their creative muscle to map the what, when, where, why and how in the way forward for their business success.

What benefits will I gain from working with Kerryn?

Kerryn Knight has three decades of experience in owning and managing successful businesses across several industries and understands what it takes to survive and thrive.

In her ‘Art Therapy for Business’ series of workshops, Kerryn mentors you through a fun journey with an inside-out approach to business development. She demonstrates takeaway tools for business visioning, strategic planning, intuitive leadership and creative problem-solving. She guides you to map your way forward.

Why should I work on my business from the inside out?

Empowered Art Therapy for business on one hand is a fun creative way to step back from working in your business. On the other hand, the art making process acts as a powerful multi-modal approach to scaffold the way forward from the inside out. This helps you bring your vision and values into what you do.

I’m not arty, is this for me?

Art Therapy as a guide for business development focuses on the process of creating rather than an art outcome. Therefore, absolutely no art experience is required. Rather it is about harnessing the creative process to evolve your business.

Empowered Art Therapy

Who this workshop is for and not for?

This workshop is for Small Business owners, particularly Therapists wanting to design and launch their private practice, and those that wish to transform what is existing. Although not predominantly a personal therapeutic workshop, Kerryn aims for you to find it as an exhilarating personal growth experience.

Empowered Art Therapy Recognised Professional Development

Kerryn Knight’s background and approach

“As an Art Therapist in private practice since 2008, and previously in Staff Training and Business Management in the Private and Not for Profit sectors, I bring forward my life experience, coupled with three schools of formal training in Arts Therapy and all have changed my life and how I successfully manage and evolve my business.”

Kerryn shares with you her personal experience and invites you to join in art making. She provides you with a rich experience of the power of Art Therapy for a creative experiential approach to your business development and essential self-care to stay on track with your business development pathway.

“This blended approach makes my experiential workshops with research-based techniques easy to follow yet deeply resonant”.

What’s included in the workshop? This 5-hour workshop includes:

• Business Visioning

• Business Mapping

• Practical steps to avoid burnout

• Personal Values assessment tool

• Research-based Left and Right brain Integrative processes

• Creative writing

• Creative expressive processes

• Mindfulness processes

What can I expect from the Workshop?

Kerryn will guide you through a blend of mindfulness, and research-based creative processes and techniques. You will walk away with unique copy for your website and socials; a pictorial representation and, an embodied creative map of your business development beyond words.

Workshop spaces are limited guaranteeing a small intimate group of fellow business/practice owners. This enables you to get the most out of the workshop for your own business development and professional self-care.


About the Venue

Empowered Art Therapy Workshops at Kindred Art Space
Kindred Art Space Learning Centre

Kindred Art Space – the home of Empowered Art Therapy was founded by Kerryn Knight in 2015 and opened in 2016 after bearing witness to the benefits her clients have received through the power of the healing arts, coupled with the therapeutic relationship she provides.

Based in Frankston, Melbourne’s Southeast gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, Kindred Art Space is a one-of-a-kind place to experience. With her husband’s building expertise, and her vision, Kerryn has designed a nurturing safe space for people to access therapeutic intervention, personal and professional development.