How to market your authentic Therapy Practice – Masterclass Online Course | To be released soon

Want to start or grow Your private practice but don’t know where to begin?
Need help with Marketing and your online presence?

I’m a private practice owner, founder of Kindred Art Space, and previously a business manager within the not-for-profit and private sectors.
With this experience, I have navigated the marketing arena and formed a workable business model while remaining authentic to myself and the transpersonal therapeutic service I provide my clients. Kerryn Knight, AThR – Arts Therapist & Founder of Kindred Art Space.

In this comprehensive experiential and creative course, Kerryn shares this knowledge and experience with You, to empower and support you to embody your practice and prepare you on your journey from private practice business Conception to Start Up and Beyond!  Previously delivered face to face, this course is soon to be available online.

Can’t wait for the course to be released?

Prefer one to one mentorship?

For those that would prefer to work one-to-one, Kerryn is available for individual mentoring sessions tailored to suit the individual needs of your unique business. Contact Kerryn directly on 0450 253 990 to book a free initial 15minute ‘Meet and Greet’ with her to find out more.

Find out more about Kerryn’s Professional Self-Care, Professional Development and Supervision here

Empowered Professional Self-Care Workshops – now facilitated internationally

Kerryn Knight, Founder of Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space has been facilitating Professional Self-Care programs and workshops for a range of Industries, groups and organisations for many years.

This March Kerryn will facilitate a workshop for Educators in Pennsylvania, U.S, for their annual ELECT Virtual Conference funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education.


The ELECT Education Leading to Employment and Career Training Conference is a unique opportunity to expose youth workers to research on trends and issues facing pregnant and parenting teens, best practices, resources, and strategies that can be incorporated at the program level to promote successful outcomes.


The Centre-School in Pennsylvania, other Education settings and various industries understand the benefit of self-care for their staff and there is a growing realisation of the benefit that a creative approach affords.




With my creative experiential approach, these interactive workshops provide attendees to not only take time out from their busy roles, but they also learn techniques to build into their daily routine and furthermore learn processes for their professional tool kit to use with clients – Kerryn Knight AThR Founder Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space


Contact Kerryn for a quotation for a bespoke Professional Self-Care workshop for your staff, group of organisation.  Email or call 0450 253 990

Original Art for Dead Finish Distillery

Kerryn’s Original Art can be purchased and utilised for many different projects.

Jonathan Harris of Dead Finish Distillery got in touch with Kerryn to purchase her Outback Wattle art for his Classic Gin label.  His micro-distillery located in Reservoir, Melbourne, Australia was born out of a long passion for craft concepts and the ability to be able to create something from scratch.

Johnathan explains on his site that Dead Finish (Acacia Tetragonophylla) is a native Australian wattle tree with needle-type phyllodes with yellow ball-shaped flowers. The name “Dead Finish” came about because it is ideally suited to withstand Australia’s droughts, winds, and bushfires. The resilience of the wattle represents the spirit of the Australian people.






FRANKSTON SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS Community Art Project 2018

The FRANKSTON SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS Community Art Project 2018 is facilitated by Kerryn Knight with young participants of the Brotherhood of St Laurence Transition to Work Program and proudly sponsored by Vicinity Bayside Shoppoing Centre Frankston.  This Wall Hanging of meaningful art with an empowering message will be displayed at Bayside Shopping Centre this December.

Facilitated by Kerryn Knight of Empowered Art Therapy and designed and created by young participants of the Brotherhood of St Laurence Transition To Work Program, this large wall hanging of a native gum tree with the view of Frankston in the background is embellished with a variety of Christmas decorations, message leaves of what Christmas means to the young Frankston members and a hidden fairy for the viewer to find.

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SELF CARE SUNDAY | “Tree Of Me” Creative Therapeutic Workshop

Tree of Me Workshop | 29th April 2018
You are invited through a series of creative therapeutic processes to experientially build self awareness through tree symbolism. The tree and its many parts symbolises you, your history and roots, the face you share to the world, your inner self and where you are ‘growing to’. Detailed information on the symbolism for each part of the tree is provided at the workshop and your unique experience discussed at the end of the session grounding the experiential process for you so you can identify and harness your strengths. You get to take home your life-sized wall hanging created and embellished by you.

SELF CARE SUNDAY | Post Cards To Self Workshop

Following a guided meditation, you are invited to create an artwork around imagery chosen at the workshop. 

Designed to tap into intuition and natural inner resources to build confidence and self awareness, this workshop provides an opportunity for personal insight and you get to take away your very own wall canvas created and embellished by you.


More about workshops with Kerryn Knight:

Empowered Art Therapy Beach MeditationKerryn ‘Kez’ Knight provides Guided Meditation & Self Care Creative Art workshops

Join Kez Knight as she leads you on a journey through Meditation to relax the Mind and Body, followed by Creative Expression using the healing arts in various creative processes.  Kez includes a range of meditation techniques and topics to focus on including Chakras, New Year’s resolutions, letting go of old habits or simply just to connect with yourself and gain insight.

Labyrinth & Sharing Circle

A Labyrinth in the form of a symbolic spiral is created on the floor at Kindred Art Space for you to walk along wearing or carrying your creative processes you have made during each workshop.   Labyrinth’s are designed for spiritual healing.  It helps ground the wisdom you have gained by the therapeutic processes of the Workshop and bring this into your daily life.

Benefits of Meditation & The Healing Arts: 

Science and Research now supports the benefits of a daily 15 minute meditation and the benefits of Art Therapy to:

  • release melatonin and seratonin into the body- the body’s natural calming and happiness hormones
  • assist in the body’s natural rejuvenation process
  • better control attention, manage emotions and assist with mindful decisions
  • release mental and emotional blockages
  • help bring balance and clarity to your day.

Small Friendly Groups – Places Limited – Bookings are essential

Resilient Youth Art Therapy Project

The Resilient Youth Art Therapy Project, designed and facilitated by Kerryn Knight with Young Indigenous Youth & Monash University,  is two-fold.

The overarching purpose of the project is to foster resilience, holistic learning, confidence, and self-awareness along with positive engagement with the young participants by working with them as a team and individually, providing a sense of ownership and engagement with services and to promote positive relationships.   Kerryn ties in and mirrors the themes of the greater program developed by DDACL and Monash University to assist the participants to learn in a holistic manner.  This was achieved in two ways.  Firstly using the art therapy workshop sessions as a vehicle for teamwork and leadership as they work together towards a common goal and art outcome.  Secondly, the process of individual artistic expression provides therapeutic benefit for the participants as they find their unique ‘voice’ and style of learning.

Kerryn, through her open style of sessions and specially designed ‘leaving ceremony’ as a ‘Rite of passage’ process promotes a sustainable support network for the participants as they get to know each other in a non-judgemental and relaxed environment at Kindred Art Space for social and emotional wellbeing.


Its Official !


Empowered Art Therapy has opened a new Studio & Gallery !

After many years of searching for just the right Place and Space, Kez has opened a Creative Arts Centre in Frankston.

This Quirky & Creative space is an old converted Warehouse  right near the freeway, train station & Bus stop for your convenience.

Kindred Art Space is a nurturing creative hub where you can enjoy many personal development workshops, courses and sessions for your journey to Wellness through the Healing Arts.

Kez is also excited to set up a Gallery that is:

“For the People, By the People” !

At the ‘Peoples Gallery’ at Kindred Art Space, there is no ‘high-brow’ gallery staff, just great affordable Original Wall Art, Sculpture and up-cycled items for you to purchase. Visit for a chat and free coffee/tea with Kez.

This Gallery supports emerging artists and we encourage the creative spirit in all of you to exhibit your pieces here. Email for details

It is also the new home for ‘Koorie Kids Art : click here to like their facebook page

Follow the ‘Fit – Out’ process on facebook

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