Resilient Youth Art Therapy Project

The Resilient Youth Art Therapy Project, designed and facilitated by Kerryn Knight with Young Indigenous Youth & Monash University,  is two-fold.

The overarching purpose of the project is to foster resilience, holistic learning, confidence, and self-awareness along with positive engagement with the young participants by working with them as a team and individually, providing a sense of ownership and engagement with services and to promote positive relationships.   Kerryn ties in and mirrors the themes of the greater program developed by DDACL and Monash University to assist the participants to learn in a holistic manner.  This was achieved in two ways.  Firstly using the art therapy workshop sessions as a vehicle for teamwork and leadership as they work together towards a common goal and art outcome.  Secondly, the process of individual artistic expression provides therapeutic benefit for the participants as they find their unique ‘voice’ and style of learning.

Kerryn, through her open style of sessions and specially designed ‘leaving ceremony’ as a ‘Rite of passage’ process promotes a sustainable support network for the participants as they get to know each other in a non-judgemental and relaxed environment at Kindred Art Space for social and emotional wellbeing.