Community Art | Mural Project with Homeless Youth

EYA Mural right to left

Kez has had the privilege of working with some very wise and hopeful young people staying at a Youth Refuge in Melbourne’s South East.

Throughout the 8 week Art Therapy workshop Kez has worked alongside the young people from very diverse backgrounds and situations to create a large Mural that is now fixed to an external courtyard wall at the refuge.  This Mural, rich in bright colours and symbolism as designed by the young people tells their story of courage, of strength against adversity, of forgiveness and love.  The young people have been happy to have the opportunity to leave their legacy, to have a voice and tell their story and acts to inspire others that will stay in the future.

A little bit about the story told in the Mural…


Once upon a time a birdman called Bruck was conceived and born.  He started his journey under the Indigenous Australian Sun and then moved through many life lessons as told through the words recorded on the bricks.  Then the journey got tougher and he felt the lightning beating down on him from the dark clouds above.  Despite this he had gained wisdom from his travels so far so he stood tall in the face of adversity and looked to the Sun and the blue bird of happiness for hope and inspiration and he moved forward.  When he found the EYA Refuge, he felt welcome to enter as he could relate to the words that graced it’s golden door “Life isn’t about falling, its about getting back up every time you fall”

In 2016 EYA requested Kez to workshop another Mural with the Residents – READ MORE HERE