KOORI SPIRITUAL HEALING | Bespoke Art Therapy Program

The Koori Spiritual Healing Program is currently being run throughout July, August and September 2018 to assist young Koori men and women express themselves, an opportunity to re-frame their individual stories and find meaning.  Each session uses art as a vehicle for self-awareness, provides a safe way to express emotions and focuses on the individual strengths of each participant.

The purpose of the ‘Koori Spiritual Healing Workshops, designed and facilitated by Kerryn Knight of Empowered Art Therapy for Ngwala Willumbong Ltd and Youth Justice – South East Metropolitan Region is three-fold.  The overarching purpose is to provide a culturally appropriate creative outlet for connection with culture providing the potential for spiritual healing.  This is achieved in 3 ways.  Firstly  through a series of specifically designed meditation and creative processes the participants will have an opportunity to connect with their culture for spiritual healing.  They will gain tools to find their unique ‘voice’ to share and positively re-frame their story.  Secondly the participants are invited to create a group piece.  This group piece is used as a vehicle for teamwork and leadership, champions are promoted as they work together towards a common goal and art outcome.  The art outcome is used to decorate Ngwala Willumbong giving the participants a greater sense of connection with the service.  Thirdly Kerryn, through her open style of sessions in a nurturing setting at Kindred Art Space promotes a sustainable support network for the participants as they get to know each other in a non-judgemental and relaxed environment beyond words.