SELF CARE SUNDAY | Set In Stone – Creative Therapeutic Workshop

SELF CARE SUNDAY – ‘Set In Stone’ Creative Therapeutic Workshop

28th October 2018

This workshop invites you to relax through a meditative process, gain and ground insight, setting the inner wisdom that arises ‘in stone’.

Through a guided imagery and meditation process, Kerryn provides the space for you to go within and access inner wisdom and resources.  You are then invited to ‘set in stone’ the insights you have tapped into by recording personal symbols, words or imagery.  Placed on an alter, or special place in the home or garden, these beautifully decorated stones are vivid, powerful and constant reminders of the makers strengths and resilience.

Who Should Attend? These workshops are open for anyone to attend who is seeking personal development and self care.  If you are a student or professional Art Therapist, Counsellor, Social Worker or Mental Health Worker these Self Care Sunday workshops are perfect to provide you with self-care, learn techniques to use with your clients and network with other professionals.

All materials and take-away items included


This Event is recognised by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) When attending this workshop you receive Professional Development points towards your annual opd requirements

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