What vision do you want to cultivate for yourself in 2018 ?

Plant Your Vision Workshop

This unique workshop designed and facilitated by Kez Knight – Transpersonal Art Therapist, combines a vision board process and borrows from the Traditional South American ‘Despacho’ making ceremony where you create a parcel of dreams and wishes and offer it up to the powers that be.  The workshop involves guided imagery and creative and empowering processes to plant in your garden or have indoors.

In this ‘Plant Your Vision’ workshop you decorate a bio-degradable clay container etched with the year 2018.  Noting and drawing your dreams on paper, you symbolically plant your dreams and wishes along with a herb seedling into the clay container.  Throughout the year, you can nurture your herbs and benefit from its produce.  At the same time you symbolically plant your dreams and wishes for your year ahead and benefit from their cultivation.!  Think of it as a living, growing vision board !

In Spanish, the word Despacho literally means “dispatch or shipment” – Traditionally it means to ritually prepare a bundle of natural, meaningful and cultural objects of symbolic significance imbued with the maker’s prayers.  Offerings of; gratitude and thanks, atonement, petitions for forgiveness, assistance or guidance. You could perhaps think of  the ‘Plant Your Vision’ despacho workshop as a focused, formal way to “dispatch” or “ship” your prayers off to the powers that be.

The Power of Intention – The ‘Plant Your Vision’ workshop is an opportunity to really focus on any areas of your life where you feel you need support or would like to ask for blessings.  It is quite a powerful way to set your intentions and let them go using the universal law of allowing.  You may be surprised to recognise in the weeks and months following this workshop that you are indeed receiving the things you asked for, though perhaps in an unexpected or unusual form, perhaps in a way more appropriate or powerful than you could have dreamed of on your own.

The Kindred Art Space Labyrinth

Following the creative process Kez will invite you to walk the Kindred Art Space Labyrinth.   A Labyrinth, symbolic spiral is created on the floor at Kindred Art Space made from natural objects for you to walk along carrying your creative process you have made during the workshop.   Labyrinth’s are designed for spiritual healing.  It helps ground the wisdom you have gained by the therapeutic processes of the workshop and bring this into your daily life.

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Personal Development

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Professional Development Supervision

For Art Therapists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Sandplay Therapists, Teachers and Psychotherapists seeking Professional Development, Kerryn Knight is a member of the Australian Counselling Association College of Supervisors.  She provides these regular group workshops and also individual sessions to support you in your essential self care,client-therapist relationships, private practice development and industry best practice.