Empowered Art Therapy Tree of Recovery

“As an Art Therapist, I work with you in a safe, soft side approach so together we can explore your recovery. When you visit my studio, you will see my ‘Tree of Recovery’ artwork on the wall. This piece is inspired by my personal journey and the many I have worked with along their mental health and wellbeing continuum.”

The Tree and its many parts reflect the steps we take in recovery and the basis of the therapeutic relationship between a client and therapist.  As I work with my clients I draw on the roots of Respect, Dignity and Ethics.  These set the foundation of the journey we take together, with myself walking beside you as I bear witness to the steps you make towards recovery and regulation.

At the heart of the tree is the window of tolerance and around it is a colourful creative mix of mediums to co-create with and stretch with.  This stretch is done at your pace in a safe place I create and hold for you.  The flowers around the window of tolerance represent the joy that is brought in as we create and how important joy is as a companion on our journey of recovery.

Above the heart is hope.  Sometimes hope is hard to find and my role as therapist is to see and hold the hope for you when you may find it difficult.

Kerryn Knight – Art Therapist & Founder Empowered Art Therapy & Kindred Art Space

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