Empowered Art Therapy program for Ozchild Kinship Carers Day

Empowered Art Therapy program for Ozchild Kinship Carers

OzChild Kinship Carers Day was a recent event at Kindred Art Space, home of Empowered Art Therapy.  Ozchild invited me to run a series of Empowered Art Therapy Tree Of Me programs for their carers to have a day out from their caring role, get together with other carers and explore therapeutically through art.

SELF CARE for PROFESSIONALS – ‘Spirit Avatar’ workshop 8th Dec 2018

This creative therapeutic and experiential workshop provides you with self-care whilst also learning techniques you can share with your clients. Recognised professional development by the ACA, this ‘Spirit Avatar’ workshop, facilitated by Kerryn Knight – Transpersonal Art Therapist, Counsellor & Supervisor allows you to witness and experience the power of Art Therapy and gain insight for Read More

SELF CARE SUNDAY | Symbol Beads-Creative Therapeutic Workshop 24th June

Using various mediums, this ritual allows you to choose and thread a series of symbols based on themes including personal strength, cultural heritage, hopes and dreams as well as your growing edge and challenges. Beginning with a guided meditation, you are then invited to choose and create beads to thread and tie together as a response Read More

Lion HeART Whitelion Art Therapy Project

Building self esteem and confidence.  Expressing through Artwork with others This successful 4 week program facilitated by Transpersonal Art Therapist Kerryn Knight at Kindred Art Space involved many creative processes that the young participants got involved in and gained Confidence in themselves, showed them how to tap into their Resilience and provided them an opportunity Read More