Mother and Daughter Self-Care through Art Therapy Workshop

Kerryn was engaged by Knox City Council to provide an Art Therapy process as part of their Mother and Daughter Self-Care day at the beautiful Millers Homestead, Boronia.  Great results were achieved.

Passionate about the role Art Therapy plays in mental health for people of all ages and abilities, Kerryn relished another opportunity to provide her bespoke workshop programs for the group of 40 teenage girls and their maternal care givers.  As part of the day’s events Kerryn invited the group to find natural objects to form a series of what she calls ‘Natures Symbol Beads’.  Kerryn then invited each participant to link personal meanings including personal strength, cultural heritage, hopes and dreams as well as their challenges. Through this deep therapeutic process the wearable and transportable symbols become a powerful positive reminder of inner resources and resilience when needed such as in times of stress and anxiety.

For more about this Empowered Art Therapy workshop program and other programs suitable for your group, contact Kerryn on 0450 253 990.