Art Therapy For Children

Art therapy is an emerging field that has been used to help people of all ages deal with their emotions and process their experiences. It is also used to help kids develop social skills and improve their self-confidence, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Many children find it difficult to express themselves verbally or physically, but art offers a safe way for kids to explore their feelings. Let’s explore art therapy for children and understand how art therapy can be helpful for kids.

Art therapy for children

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a form of mental health treatment that uses the creative process of art to improve a person’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Art therapy can help people manage stress, anxiety and depression by allowing them to express their feelings through drawing or painting. It can also help them develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

Why is art therapy helpful for children?

Art therapy can be helpful for children in a variety of ways. It can help them express themselves and process their emotions, which can be especially important to young kids who don’t know how to talk about what they’re feeling yet. Art therapy also helps children understand themselves better, as well as helps them cope with difficult situations.

For example, if your child is struggling with grief over the loss of a family member or friend, art therapy might allow them an outlet for their feelings that’s easier than talking about it directly. And if your child has trouble expressing anger or frustration at home—either because you’re too busy or because they don’t know how—art may give them a way to let out those feelings in a safe nurturing environment and learn healthy coping strategies to manage their emotions.

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How will I know if my child needs art therapy?

  • Ask the child’s teacher or school counsellor.
  • Ask your child’s doctor.
  • Ask the child.
  • Ask your child’s family.

What happens during an art therapy session?

During an art therapy session, your child will engage in creative expression and may create a piece of art with the help of a therapist. Afterwards, the two will discuss it together and learn from one another. The therapist helps your child understand their feelings through this process and may use other techniques, such as play therapy or sand play therapy, to enhance the experience. They can also draw upon their own experiences to build their resilience.

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The benefits of working with an art therapist

There is a multitude of benefits when working with a child art therapist, including……….

Self esteem

Art therapy can have a positive influence on a child self perception.

Personal awareness

Personal self awareness can be further enhanced with child art therapy

Self expression

Self expressive arts therapy sessions can be a great way for children to express themselves when words don’t work.

Art activities & fun new art materials

Art mediums mixed in with therapeutic play activities are fun to engage in, reinforcing a positive experience. They can use different materials and have lots of fun and harness their artistic development alongside their personal development.

Safe space

A safe place for a child is vital for their development and maybe something that is lacking and much needed.

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Art therapy is a great way to help kids express themselves

Art therapy is a great way to help kids express themselves and process their emotions. It’s a safe, non-threatening environment in which children can learn to cope with stress and express themselves freely without fear of judgment. Art therapy is also helpful when it comes to healing from traumatic events or dealing with grief, as well as helping kids manage their emotions.



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We hope that you now have a better understanding of what art therapy can do for children. It is a great way to help kids express themselves and process their emotions. If you think your child might benefit from this type of therapy, we encourage you to contact us today at Empowered Art Therapy so we can start working together!