Post COVID19 Workplace Self-Care, Art Therapy for Individuals and Groups, Supporting NDIS, and more

Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space Newsletter May 2022

See our latest newsletter to find out more from Kerryn Knight – Founder of Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space.

Listen to the creation story for Kindred Art Space and why a warehouse was transformed into a Centre for Mental Health.

Hear more about Kerryn’s passion for professional self-care in the workplace and her tailored workshops […]

Newsletter April 2022 Empowered Art Therapy at Kindred Art Space

Empowered Art Therapy at Kindred Art Space newsletter

The Kindred Art Space April Newsletter shares with you details about Art Therapy services supporting NDIS participants, Kerryn’s Empowered Art Therapy Team Building, and Professional Self-Care workshops.

To find out more about Kerryn, her team of independent specialists providing Art Therapy one-to-one services, her Professional Development workshops, and how to book a free ‘Meet and Greet’ click HERE

SELF CARE for PROFESSIONALS – “Treasures In The Sand” Workshop

This creative therapeutic and experiential workshop provides you with self-care whilst also learning techniques you can share with your clients.
Recognised professional development by the ACA, this ‘Taster’ introduction to Sandplay therapy workshop, facilitated by Kerryn Knight – Sandplay Therapy Master Practitioner, allows you to witness and experience the power of sandplay and gain insight for yourself and learn how it can benefit your clients.
Sandplay is a wholistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy.
Sandplay is for all ages. Children love it and adults […]

SELF CARE SUNDAY | Behind The Mask-Creative Therapeutic Workshop

Sunday 26th August 2018 | Making and moulding a mask invites you to explore the persona you share with the world around you and also to explore what lies behind it.
In this workshop you are invited to draw out what is shown and what is hidden then through moulding clay you are invited to capture the mask that lies between the two. This ‘bridging’ mask helps to initiate a creative exploration of the […]

SELF CARE SUNDAY | Symbol Beads-Creative Therapeutic Workshop 24th June

Using various mediums, this ritual allows you to choose and thread a series of symbols based on themes including personal strength, cultural heritage, hopes and dreams as well as your growing edge and challenges.
Beginning with a guided meditation, you are then invited to choose and create beads to thread and tie together as a response to a series of questions designed to evoke the soul to speak. Through this deep therapeutic workshop the […]