Free School Holidays Mindfulness & Art Therapy Online Workshop for Carers and their Children

This family friendly online Art Therapy course, is a partnership between EACH Family Relationship Support for Carers Service and Empowered Art Therapy and will enable you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and family’s strengths, challenges and learning edges through creative, expressive processes.

The ‘Mapping My Inner Treasure’ online workshop will provide you with experiential creative writing process to look at your:

  • Values
  • Strengths
  • Challenges

During this live online course, you will find:

  • Inspirational Cards Video – This video is constructed for you to identify a picture card that inspires you and your family to create an expressive therapeutic narrative.
  • Kerryn will guide you through an acrobatic writing prompt process of creating a story, by using your picture card inspiration to gain personal insight.


Join us via Zoom:

Date: Thursday, 1st October 2020          Time: 10.00am – 11.15am

Zoom Meeting Registrations close by Wednesday 30th September 6pm

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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The materials you will need to prepare for this online course, can be sourced at home or at an art supply store:

  • Your choice of size and colour paper to write your story on.
  • Your choice of paper or primed calico of your choice of size and colour to draw your treasure map on.
  • Your choice of acrylic paint, coloured markers, pencils or posca pens can be used to create your treasure map images.
  • Cold tea bags or ground coffee can be used to rub around the edges of your treasure map to give it an ‘aged’ look as you desire.
  • Your choice of ribbon, wool or string can be used to tie your rolled-up treasure map scroll.


How does Art Therapy work?

Art Therapy focusses on the process of creating rather than an art outcome.  Therefore, it is not about creating a ‘masterpiece’, nor it is creating something that is aesthetically pleasing.  Rather it is just about the process of expressing emotion and doing so by becoming more aware of our body felt sense and the wisdom it holds. The creative art has a two-fold effect:

  1. acts as a release of emotion and
  2. visual representation of that emotion of which the art-maker can dialogue with and gain further self-awareness.


About your presenter:

Kerryn Knight is an Art Therapist & Founder of Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space.  She uses the creative expressive process as a vehicle for self-care and self-awareness.  With these tools she empowers you to navigate towards meaning-making and develop new and healthy coping skills.