Sandplay Therapy with Kerryn Knight


Sandplay is a wholistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy and goes hand-in-hand with Art Therapy.

By using miniature objects that symbolically represent all aspects of life, you can display your inner world so it can be looked at from all aspects to gain a deeper understanding of issues and find solutions. It is a deep process which reveals what underlies the current situation.

Sandplay is for all ages. Children love it and adults are amazed by its profound ability to get to the core and make meaning.

Sandplay is a journey which both the facilitator and the client walk together.

Sandplay is a wondrous modality that gets to the heart of the issue quickly and easily. It bypasses the analytical mind and takes you back to the original child hood decision to create coping mechanisms that may no longer serve you as an adult.  By bringing awareness to these patterns, changes can be made to make your life work

There is always a solution to be found and Sandplay provides the platform.

Kerryn ‘Kez’ Knight is a Master Practitioner in Sandplay Therapy and provides individual sessions for children, youth and adults.