Third Mural for Dandenong Youth Refuge !

Kerryn is delighted to be invited back a third time to design, create and install a third Mural at a Dandenong Youth Refuge.

Kerryn works with the young residents to design and create a large Mural to be installed on the Refuge’s courtyard wall.  The staff, visitors and participants both past and present say how inspiring the beautiful Murals are.  They both brighten up their space and send a message of love and hope for all who visit.

The 2017 Mural will see the creation of a 3 x panel Mural that will be situated behind the vegie garden.  The young people staying at the refuge has designed a theme that tells of their combined stories of overcoming struggles.  The first panel will include a large lighthouse lighting the way forward.  The second panel will include a turbulent ocean with the light from the lighthouse guiding the way through the storm. The third panel will include a majestic old tree with lots of deeply reaching roots supported by Mother Earth and large branches stretching up into the sky.  As the artwork is created, more photos will follow.

Below are photos of the 2 existing Murals, Kez has facilitated the design and creation of over the past few years.