SELF CARE SUNDAY | “Tree Of Me” Creative Therapeutic Workshop

Tree of Me Workshop | 29th April 2018
You are invited through a series of creative therapeutic processes to experientially build self awareness through tree symbolism. The tree and its many parts symbolises you, your history and roots, the face you share to the world, your inner self and where you are ‘growing to’. Detailed information on the symbolism for each part of the tree is provided at the workshop and your unique experience discussed at the end of the session […]

SELF CARE SUNDAY | Spirit Guide Creative Therapeutic Workshop

Following a guided meditation, you are invited to create an artwork depicting your spirit guide, totem animal or image of a symbol of personal power and resilience.
Designed to tap into intuition and natural inner resources to build confidence and self awareness, this workshop provides an opportunity for personal insight and you get to take away your individual life-size canvas wall hanging created and embellished by you.
Empowered Art [...]
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SELF CARE SUNDAY | Post Cards To Self

Following a guided meditation, you are invited to create an artwork around imagery chosen at the workshop. 
Designed to tap into intuition and natural inner resources to build confidence and self awareness, this workshop provides an opportunity for personal insight and you get to take away your very own wall canvas created and embellished by you.

More about workshops with Kerryn Knight:
Empowered Art Therapy Beach MeditationKerryn ‘Kez’ […]


What vision do you want to cultivate for yourself in 2018 ?
Plant Your Vision Workshop
This unique workshop designed and facilitated by Kez Knight – Transpersonal Art Therapist, combines a vision board process and borrows from the Traditional South American ‘Despacho’ making ceremony where you create a parcel of dreams and wishes and offer it up to the powers that be.  The workshop involves […]

Re-Creating the Indigenous Creation Story

Kerryn Knight, local Art Therapist and local Indigenous students re-create local indigenous creation story.
Kerryn had great pleasure in working with local Indigenous students from Parkdale Secondary and Patterson Lakes Schools to Re-Create the local Indigenous Creation Story for ‘Nerm’ – The land of the Great Bay that we also know as Port Philip Bay.
The Project began in February 2017 when Kerryn and the students where taken on a Catamaran boat out on Port Philip Bay with Elder Carol Briggs, Marine […]

Sea Of Learning Wall Hanging – Brotherhood of St Laurence

Working with Brotherhood of St Laurence and their young participants, this empowering piece, with a meaningful message, will grace the Reception area at Frankston Brotherhood of St Laurence when complete !
Focussing on the many ways we learn and the many places and people we learn from, this wall hanging tells a story of the importance of not just formal learning but also the informal things we learn from those that love us, those that test us and those that teach us.  It’s our […]

Youthpass available through Empowered Art Therapy

Kerryn Knight is an accredited Youthpass provider issuing certificates for recognised learning through her Empowered Mob  Program for Young People via local Community Service Organisations.
Youthpass, operating for over 10 years in Europe is recognised learning assisting young people to secure employment and further education.
The Empowered Mob Program is a Rite of Passage Art Therapy Program specifically designed for Young People.  This 3 day intensive strength-based program combines a series of creative therapeutic processes […]

Third Mural for Dandenong Youth Refuge !

Kerryn is delighted to be invited back a third time to design, create and install a third Mural at a Dandenong Youth Refuge.
Kerryn works with the young residents to design and create a large Mural to be installed on the Refuge’s courtyard wall.  The staff, visitors and participants both past and present say how inspiring the beautiful Murals are.  They both brighten up their space and send a message of love […]

Sandplay Therapy with Kerryn Knight

Sandplay is a wholistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy and goes hand-in-hand with Art Therapy.
By using miniature objects that symbolically represent all aspects of life, you can display your inner world so it can be looked at from all aspects to gain a deeper understanding of issues and find solutions. It is a deep process which reveals what underlies the current situation.
Sandplay is for all ages. Children love it and adults are […]